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Harness the Power of AI and IBM i Modernization

Experts weigh in on best practices for modernization in the age of AI
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Harness the Power of DevOps on IBM i

How to overcome common challenges of shifting to a DevOps framework—and why AI has the potential to revolutionize IBM i
Editor’s Note
DevOps is transforming the IT landscape, streamlining development and making teams more productive. 
On top of that, the proliferation of artificial intelligence is giving companies a competitive edge and helping teams address the growing IBM i skills gap. These emerging technologies and methodologies are changing the way IBM i shops operate.

However, careful planning is essential to leveraging the full benefits of DevOps and IBM i.


In this e-book, Midrange Dynamics North America’s Donna Westmoreland and Sapan Shah reveal seven key considerations for shifting to a DevOps framework, and Profound Logic’s Alex Roytman explains why AI has the potential to revolutionize IBM i.

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