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From the beginning, the IBM mainframe established itself as the definitive general-purpose computer for world-class workloads. Six decades on, the mainframe continues as the system of record for the most sensitive and critical business data, with a capacity, reliability, availability and security that are unrivaled. Many innovations that originated on the mainframe have since been mimicked by other platforms. Yet for every brilliant innovation that is eventually copied, there are countless others that remain the exclusive province of this vast treasure of patented excellence.

As Ross Mauri points out, “The only thing that's around from those days really is the Principles of Operation. That's the instruction set that the mainframe implements. Today's mainframe—the technology is modern. Much of the software has been written in the past three years now. There again, our strength is that we bring all the software written a decade ago, two decades ago, three decades ago, four decades ago, five decades ago, we bring that forward and allow it to be run on our system. And that's one of the values that clients see that they have investment protection.”


Of course, the innovation goes far beyond mere protection of past investments, as definitively important as that is. As you will hear in the below video, everything from simplification and ease of use to the most leading-edge quantum protection, environmental responsibility, trustworthy AI—the mainframe is the platform that is positioned to enable the future.

In this video, hear about the constantly evolving role of world-class information technology and how the mainframe is ready to fulfills today’s and tomorrow’s most critical business needs.


Mainframe luminaries weigh on why the platform has enjoyed ongoing success during its nearly 60-year history. Video features: Len Santalucia, CTO and business development manager for Vicom Infinity, a Converged Company; Rosalind Radcliffe, IBM Fellow and CIO Dev CTO; Marna Walle, z/OS installation, upgrade and management at IBM; Brian Marshall, chief strategist at Vanguard Integrity Professionals; Milt Rosberg, global VP for sales marketing and business development for Vanguard Integrity Professionals; Dr. Cameron Seay, mainframe thought leader/Adjunct Professor at East Carolina University; and Greg Lotko, general manager of the Mainframe Software Division at Broadcom.


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