Mainframe Master Innovations


The Mainframe Is Going Everywhere!

Paradoxically, when mainframe professionals with decades of experience tell you, “The mainframe’s not going anywhere!” what they mean is, the mainframe is going everywhere! 

The message, of course, is that history has proven that this is the platform that won’t go away. When IBM announced the System/360, the company basically invented the wheel, and the greatest innovations in computing since then are built on the foundations that this historic milestone made possible.


For nearly six decades since then, the innovations have kept coming, and the mainframe’s level of advancement is now insuperably beyond anything that might claim to compete in terms of the most basic computing features, but never touch the qualities of service and innovation that the world has come to take for granted with no more visibility than housework that no one notices as long as it gets done.


And the reason for this isn’t merely some advanced technology or AI. It’s people. It’s the original innovators. It’s the culture of responsible innovation at IBM and in the mainframe ecosystem. It’s the insistence on excellence that the biggest organizations on Earth have made a permanent condition of the mainframe’s viability. And it’s the demands of continuing to help us become ever-more excellently human.