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Harness the Power of AI and IBM i Modernization

Experts weigh in on best practices for modernization in the age of AI
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Essential Strategies for Mainframe Modernization

Experts weigh in on best practices for modernization in the age of AI
Editor’s Note
As technology continues to rapidly evolve, digital transformation and modernization are top of mind for many organizations. 
Artificial intelligence (AI), in particular, has become a driving force for transformation in nearly every industry. Case in point: Much of the art for this e-book was generated using an AI tool. The proliferation of AI is pushing the need to modernize and keep up with competitors, but also the speed at which companies are able to achieve their goals.

In this e-book, Jason McGee, CTO of IBM Cloud, and Phil Buckellew, president of the infrastructure modernization business unit at Rocket Software, explain how AI is changing the way we think about modernization—and outline key considerations for maintaining the mainframe as a key element of your modern IT infrastructure.


Transform your workloads.

Any environment. Anytime.

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Reduce storage and capacity costs

Copy and move mainframe data to private or public cloud storage to reduce costs and improve backup and recovery.

Gain real-time insights

Create virtualized, integrated views of mainframe and other enterprise data for immediate read/write access that drives real-time insight into risk, customers and revenue opportunities.

Unify systems, teams and workloads

Visualize, automate, and coordinate DevOps processes, while easily managing, executing and shifting workloads wherever you need them.

Unlock the vast potential of data

Facilitate and leverage a consolidated, single source of truth for the data assets that underpin and drive informed decisions for your business and digital transformation initiatives, from mainframe to cloud.
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