Securing Your Business in an Ever-Changing IT Landscape

Emma Pitzl
Managing Editor, TechChannel
According to the 
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, 83% of organizations surveyed have experienced more than one data breach, and just 17% of those organizations said it was their first breach. Those staggering numbers are just the start. It may sound cliché, but the question is no longer if your organization will experience a breach, but when.

So, how can businesses respond to the growing security threats to their data and infrastructure? 


Amy Williams, senior security services consultant at Fortra, says IBM i is often overlooked when it comes to penetration testing, although many businesses run core applications on the OS. In this e-book, Williams explains the importance of pen testing on IBM i and offers advice for how to determine the right strategy to protect your business. 


Along with tactics such as penetration testing, smart strategies like zero trust are key to keeping your business secure. The Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022 says organizations that deployed a zero trust security framework saved an average of $1 million in breach costs compared to organizations that did not deploy zero trust. Westley McDuffie, IBM security evangelist, says zero trust is often made out to be more complicated than it actually is. In an article and podcast in this e-book, he defines what the zero trust security framework is—and what it isn’t.


Today’s security landscape is constantly changing. Read on to learn how to respond to these persistent threats and protect your data, your organization and your people. 


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You know cybersecurity is important. The question is where to start.

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